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The majority of Brian's freelance writing focuses on travel and the outdoors. He's written features for the top newspapers and magazines in the country, covering destinations from Whistler, BC, to Lake Winnipesaukee, NH, to the Lake Geneva area of Switzerland. In 2007, he founded Whitefish Review, a semi-annual literary journal focused on the art and literature of mountain culture—a project that is gaining national attention with submissions from around the globe.


Backcountry Magazine, "Out of the Pocket" (November 2012)
How Skiing Kept NFL Legend Drew Bledsoe Grounded   PDF

Mountain Magazine, "MTN Report: Governor Schweitzer" (Early Winter 2012)
Interview with Montana's Governor Brian Schweitzer   PDF

Mountain Magazine, "MTN Report: Tom Brokaw" (Winter 2011/2012)
Interview with Tom Brokaw   PDF

Skiing Magazine, "The Truth" (October 2009)
Profile of Alta Ski Resort GM, Onno Wieringa   PDF

Big Sky Journal, “The Heat is On” (Aug 2008)
Profile of Kalispell Art Casting owner, Jack Muir   PDF

Montana Living Magazine, “A Vision for Montana” (Fall 2005)
Cover story on Montana Governor, Brian Schweitzer   PDF

Montana Living Magazine, “Working for the Boss” (Mar/Apr 2004)
Feature on Bruce Springsteen’s sound man, Toby Scott   PDF

Fiction, Nonfiction and Essay

Backcountry Magazine, "Flight of the Dodo" (Feb, 2011)   PDF

"The Echoes of our Voices" from the book 100 Years: A View Inside Glacier National Park (2010)   PDF

Camas Literary Journal, "Love is Bear" (Summer 2010)  PDF

Mountain Sports + Living Magazine, "Dog Gone" (Winter 2009/2010)  PDF

Big Sky Journal, "Breaking the Surface" (May 2008)  PDF

Whitefish Review, “Rumble Strips” (Jun 2007) Issue #1—Vol I, Iss 1

Whitefish Pilot columnist, "Buckshot" 15 columns (2001-2003)

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, "Animal House" (Jan/Feb 2001)  PDF


(Dec 2010) Issue #8, Conversation: Russ Chatham & Rob Stern"

(Dec 2010) Issue #8, Hugh Ambrose: The Art of History

(Jun 2010) Issue #7, John Irving: The Art of the Epic Novel

(Jun 2010) Issue #7, Laura Munson: The Art of the Memoir

(Dec 2009) Issue #6, Scot Schmidt: The Art of Staying on Your Edge

(Dec 2009) Issue #6, Jeff Danziger: The Art of Reading Between the Lines

(Dec 2009) Issue #6, Isaiah Sheffer: The Art Symphony Space

(Dec 2009) Issue #6, Alain de Botton: The Art of Finding Beauty

(Jun 2009) Issue #5, David James Duncan: The Art of Flow

(Dec 2008) Issue #4, Terry Tempest Williams: Finding Beauty in a...

(Jun 2008) Issue #3, Rick Bass: The Art of Writing...

(Dec 2007) Issue #2, Pam Houston: The Art of Writing

(Jun 2007) Issue #1, William Kittredge: The Art of Writing

(Jun 2007) Issue #1, Drew Bledsoe: The Art of Football

Travel & Outdoor


Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, "If Walls Could Talk" (Jan-Feb 2015)  If Walls Could Talk PDF


Boston Globe, Travel Section: Revelstoke, BC (Nov 8,2014)  A love affair with ski town Revelstoke, British Columbia PDF

Mountain Magazine, "Inbounds Invincibility Syndrome" (Winter 2014)  Inbounds Invincibility Syndrome PDF


Mountain Magazine, "Molting" (Summer 2013)  Molting PDF


Distinctly Montana, "Tom Brokaw on Nature & Life..." (Summer 2012)  Tom Brokaw on Nature and Life in Montana PDF

Big Sky Journal, "Whitefish World Skijoring..." (Winter 2011/2012)  Whitefish World Skijoring Championships, Winter 2012 PDF


Big Sky Journal, "Finding His Way: Doug Chadwick" (Summer 2011)   PDF

Mountain Magazine, "Wolverines!" (Spring 2011)   PDF


Montana Magazine, "Remembering the Beef Trail" (Nov/Dec 2010)   PDF

Big Sky Journal, "Artists of the West-Rob Stern..." (Nov 2010)   PDF

Empire Builder Mag., "Bird's Eye View (Zip Lines)" (Fall/Winter 2010)   PDF

Boston Globe, "Perspectives from a MT fire lookout" (Aug 22, 2010)   PDF

Big Sky Journal, "Big Sky Ranch Branding" (Summer 2010)   PDF

Great Falls Tribune, "West Glacier: Whitewater Capital of MT" (June 17, 2010)


Big Sky Journal, The Mind of an Artist" (Winter 2009)   PDF

Skiing Magazine, "The Truth: Onno Wieringa" (October 2009)   PDF

Seasons Magazine, "Accidental Icon" (2009-2010 issue)   PDF

Seasons Magazine, "A Few of My Favorite Things" (2009-2010 issue)   PDF

Great Falls Tribune, "Where the big kids play" (Mar 5, 2009)   PDF

National Geographic Traveler, "13 Resorts, One Day" (Feb 2009)

ForbesLife MountainTime, "Crazy Skis" (Jan 2009)


New Hampshire Sunday News, "Coming Home" (Nov 16, 2008)   PDF

Seasons Magazine, "Where the Snow Never Ends" (2008-2009 issue)   PDF

New Hampshire Sunday News, "Ferry Tales" (Sep 14, 2008)   PDF

Sailing World, "The Good Life: Somers, Montana" (Sep 2008)   PDF

The Boston Globe, "Montana road runs through..." (Jul 27, 2008)   PDF

Big Sky Journal, "A Road Runs Through It" (Jun 2008)   PDF

National Geographic Traveler blog, "Swiss Mobility" (May 1, 2008)

National Geographic Traveler blog, "Experiencing Swiss Mobility" (May 19, 2008)

Skiing Magazine, "Anatomy: Hellroaring Basin" (Jan 2008)   PDF


Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, “Downhill At 50” (Jun 15, 2007)


New York Daily News, “Big Sky Delight” (Dec 3, 2006)   PDF

New York Daily News, “Autumn Rhythms” (Sep 17, 2006)   PDF

New York Daily News, “Whistler Returns” (Feb 19, 2006)   PDF


Daily Inter Lake, “Snow to Die For?” (Jan 27, 2005)

Great Falls Tribune, “A Glimpse of Glacier...” (Jun 2, 2005)

Great Falls Tribune, “Springtime in the Rockies” (Mar 31, 2005)

Skiing Magazine, “Drive-by Chuting” (Mar 2005)

New York Post, “Moonlight Madness” (Feb 8, 2005)

Ski Magazine, “Ice Palace” (January 2005)


Great Falls Tribune, “Riding the Wind” (Dec 16, 2004)

New York Daily News, “The High Life” (Dec 5, 2004)   PDF

Great Falls Tribune, “The Morel, the Merrier” (Jun 3, 2004)

Spokesman Review, “Snowkiting...” (Mar 7, 2004)

Skiing Magazine, “Hang Your Bra on the Antlers” (Dec 2004)

Great Falls Tribune, “Sail Away” (Sep 30, 2004)

Great Falls Tribune, “Glacier Awakens” (Jun 17, 2004)

Montana Living Magazine, "Romantic Getaways" (May/Jun 2004)

Skiing Magazine, “Bipolar Disorder” (Mar/Apr 2004)   PDF

Montana Living Magazine, “Skiing by Moonlight” (Mar/Apr 2004)   PDF

Daily Inter Lake, “Transceiver Practice...” (Jan 29, 2004)


Montana Living Magazine, “Making Tracks” (Nov/Dec 2003)


Powder Magazine, "Cleaning Up” (Oct 1999)

A love affair with ski town Revelstoke, British Columbia
Boston Globe, Nov 2015

How Skiing Kept NFL Legend Drew Bledsoe Grounded
Backcountry Magazine, Nov 2012

Interview with Governor Brian Schweitzer, Mountain Magazine, Early Winter 2012
Mountain Magazine, Early Winter 2012

Interview with Tom Brokaw, Mountain Magazine, Winter 2011/2012
Mountain Magazine, Winter 2011/2012

Backcountry Magazine, 2011
Backcountry Magazine, Feb 2011

Online Story from Mountain Sports & Living, Winter 2009/2010
Mountain Sports & Living
Winter 2009/2010

Online Story from Big Sky Journal, 2008
Big Sky Journal, 2008

Online Story from New York Daily News, 2006
New York Daily News, 2006

Online Story from Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, January/February 2001
Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, 2001